We are looking for female volunteers

who want to support a single refugee mother in the phase of pregnancy and birth

We are looking for women from Berlin, who are mothers themselves and/or are familiar with the topics of pregnancy and birth.


You can offer:

  • temporal flexibility
  • organizational skills
  • fluent german, foreign language skills or multilingualism
  • endurance to overcome bureaucratic obstacles


And you can imagine to take on the following tasks:

  • Support in everyday life and leisure
  • Help finding doctors, midwives, etc.
  • Accompaniment to medical appointments, offices, hospital, authorities, etc.
  • Tanslation, information
  • Assistance in bureaucratic matters (eg filling in applications, registering the child with the civil registry office and the aliens department, as well as applying for early help or applying to foundations)


During the partnership


a contact person is available to you and the refugee woman for telephone and personal counseling.


If you are interested in a partnership

or have any questions, write us a mail at mail(at)flamingo-berlin.org or a message via the contact form. We can answer questions, invite you to an initial conversation and arrange a first meeting with a refugee mother. After getting to know each other, both sides can decide if they want to stay in touch.


In addition to the opportunity for appointments with the project coordinator, there will be regular team meetings, group supervision and further education workshops on the following topics:

1st Workshop Module: Information on the German health care system with a focus on refugee women, questions and answers on voluntary work, information on residence law issues, especially in the area of pregnancy and childbirth

2nd Workshop module: Intercultural sensitization workshop for volunteers in the work with refugees - providing information about pregnancy and birth in other cultures

In addition, an online guide will be set up on this page which provides an overview of all relevant information concerning refugee mothers, pregnancy and birth.