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Safe Nest Project 2016 - 2019

Safe Nest

Living Space for Refugee Women* and Children


In the "Safe Nest" project we provided sheltered living space for refugees, pregnant women and/or single women* and their children, especially around the time of birth.

In the last 3 years we have been able to accommodate more than 10 women* with their babies and children in our transitional apartments and thus guarantee them a quiet and safe place around the birth phase.

In addition, through our counselling and social worker support, we were able to secure the stay of the women* and their children and accompany them during the first steps towards long-term perspectives for their lives here in Berlin.

Now, however, the project is coming to an end and the last women* are moving into their own homes.
Unfortunately, we cannot accept any more women* in our transitional apartments and can only refer you to Unterkünfte or counselling places in Berlin which are known to us.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our volunteers without whom the project would not have been possible! Your helpfulness and your commitment were indispensable!


About the project:


Protected living in four furnished two-room apartments:

  • eight places for pregnant single refugee women * from Berlin
  • for the phase around the birth of about 12 months
  • medical, social and asylum support

The development of the cooperation project of the Amali Foundation and Flamingo e.V. started in December 2016 and is now complete. With furniture donations and many supporters*, we were able to set up four two-room apartments near the office ready for occupancy. In the first year four babies were born and the residence status of the young mothers could be secured. In addition to living space, the women* also receive comprehensive social and resident counseling and accompaniment to authorities and doctors.


Pregnancy and childbirth are a significant, often exhausting time in a woman's life. Pregnant women* are legally and socially under special protection. After all, it is important to create the best possible conditions for the start of a new life. But what if this phase of life occurs during or shortly after a flight?


Refugee pregnant women face additional challenges. In general, they have already taken many risks to escape an intolerable reality of life. Not a few of them have experienced physical or sexual violence on the dangerous route. They are exhausted from the efforts they have taken, both the physical and mental health is burdened. In addition, their situation in Germany is initially characterized by many uncertainties: In order to stay, they must undergo a complicated asylum procedure. A long time is determined by waiting and the fear of getting deported.


In the initial reception centers, where people live after their arrival in Germany, there is no privacy and hardly any protection against reoccupations. Under these circumstances, to prepare for a birth or to give the already existing children the necessary attention is hard to cope with.


Our project "Safe Nest" offers women a protected own living space for a limited time. Here they can regain strength, prepare for childbirth and spend the first time with their newborn. The aim is to stabilize women, secure their stay and build long-term perspectives. If necessary, they receive comprehensive advice and support.



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Project report 2018

Solidarity network with women* in Rojava

The solidarity delegation, to which also one of our association members belonged, met above all the Kurdish women* movement around the organisation of Kongreya Star.
The delegation was given a wawrm welcome and was accompanied by Kongreya Star during the stay in Northern Syria from 02.05.2018 to 11.05.2018.

The organization exists since approx. 2005, at that time under the name "yekedia Star" and has grown strongly every year. The women* try to fight together for a social position and participation and thus to change the awareness of the men in the region to women* rights. There are more than 1000 members of different ethnic groups. The delegation met with Yezidi, Arab and Kurdish women* from Kongreya Star.

The work of the women* of Kongreya Star is a very diverse networking of women* in different committees. These are divided into committees of politics, diplomacy, economy, press, society, justice, art and culture, health, defence and communal affairs. In the committee of diplomacy and health, the delegation and the members of the committee were made aware of the need to overcome traumas and violence through an open exchange and to draw strength for political work.

The current wish and goal of the discussions with the delegation is above all to create a European public discourse for the situation of women* and children after the attack, the war contrary to international law and the occupation of Afrin. On the other hand, it was a concern to understand and "experience" the real grassroots democratic organization of women* of Kongreya Star - that there is indeed a great improvement of women* and human rights in the confederal system.

The women* come together in different cities where they exchange ideas. The delegation was in Quamisli, Derik, Konbane, Sheba, and Amude, where they met the local associations of Kongreya Star.

Flamingo e.V. wants to show solidarity with the organization of Kongreya Star and its campaign "#WomenRiseUpForAfrin".

"The campaign 'Women rise up for Afrin' will continue until the occupation by Turkey ends and the people can return", announced the spokeswoman of the Kongreya Star, Evin Siwêd, in a report to the news agency ANHA. The campaign was initiated by the Kurdish women's movement on 8 February this year with the aim of supporting the resistance in Efrîn. As part of the "Women rise up for Afrin" campaign, various women's meetings, actions and seminars have been held in Northern Syria.mThe campaign attracted attention far beyond the borders of Northern Syria. Delegations including doctors, lawyers and activists from France, England, Germany and Argentina came to Northern Syria as part of the campaign and visited, among other places, the women's village of Jinwar and the two camps of the refugees from Efrin in Şehba".

NGOs and state aid organizations refuse their support because the democratic self-administration is not recognized as a state, even regardless of the fact that the fugitives from Afrin are still endangered by evictions and attacks from Turkey.

Besides the urgent financial support for the construction of a hospital for women* and children, generators are needed for the networking and organisation meetings. There is almost no electricity in the whole region. Above all, functioning electricity is indispensable in the rooms in which injured women* and children are accommodated.

The aim of the networking meetings on site and the information about the current situation in Germany is to make the network of supporters* bigger and bigger. The exchange with women* on site through delegation trips is just as important as individual solidarity manifestations and events in Germany.



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Completed project in 2018

Empowerment in asylum process-organize family reunion

Call to single refugees* with abandoned children in their countries of origin.

In a self-organised group you can support each other and fight together for your rights to family reunification.

Experienced lawyers offer you free training and advice:

-Right of asylum and residence (family reunification)
-Social law (what are the prerequisites for the legal immigration of children?)

In a total period of three months (Start: 15.02.2018 End: 15.05.2018)
at Flamingo e.V. in Neukölln (Stuttgarter Strasse 61 in 12059 Berlin)

The trainings are free of charge, there are language mediators, childcare, meals and BVG tickets are refunded.

You can pass on the acquired knowledge to a new group after you as a speaker.

Get active!
Claim the right to family reunion!
Let children follow you legally!
Fight for a secure residence status!

Get in touch for more information:
030 47052095



The project was supported by Stiftung Umverteilen! AG Frauen