Collective Active

The project, which will initially run for 10 months (June 2019 to January 2020), will support small informal groups in order to achieve their goals of supporting refugee women* as quickly and easily as possible...

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Hevrin Khalaf

Flamingo e.V. - Network for Refugee Women and Children - is in close and regular exchange with the women's village Jinwar in Rojava. Together, we have built up a partner project... read more

Safe Start - Godmothers

In this project we connect female volunteer supporters with single refugee women - pregnant and / or with newborn. Through this partnership the refugee women should be given a personal and familiar contact person for all issues related to pregnancy... read more

Stimme Magazin

This magazine is about the lives of migrated women and the entire process of migration. It informs the readers about the everyday life of migrated women and about Migration. The magazine provides information tailored to the target group... read more

Free Legal Advice

The consultation in asylum and residence law with Refugee Law Clinic counselors is currently taking place on Tuesdays, alternating between 9.30 - 11.30 and 19 - 20 hrs, temporarily at the HU ... read more

Completed Projects

Here we provide information about our completed projects... read more