Hevrin Khalaf

womens medicinal herb garden

a partner project between Rojava and Berlin

 Current information from our project partners*in JINWAR


Since the 9th of October 2019 systematic attacks and attempts of genocide have continued against the Kurdish, Arab, Armenian and Syriac population of North and East Syria. This occupation is a direct attack on the democratic, social institutions and the democratic self-governance of the people. Those brutal attacks carried out by the Turkish army and jihadist proxy forces are taking place under the command of Turkish terrorist leader Erdogan. Read more...

Hevrin Khalaf
Hevrin Khalaf

Renaming of the medicinal herb garden

In memory of our friend and inspiring politician, who was murdered on 12.10.19 in Rojava during the current war, the medicinal herb garden in Berlin, which is currently under construction, bears her name from now on: Hevrin Khalaf.

About the project


Flamingo e.V. - Network for Refugee Women* and Children - is in close and regular exchange with the women's village Jinwar in Rojava. Together, we have built up a partner project that focuses on the medicinal herb garden on both sides.

The management of the garden in Jinwar has already begun. In Berlin, we moved into a garden property in October and completed the preparations for the upcoming cultivation in spring 2020.

One goal of the medicinal herb garden in Berlin is to produce products from the garden through a crowd-funding campaign. For this purpose, we initially offer medicinal herbal teas and creams. The proceeds will go 100% to Jinwar.

In Berlin the project consists of activists from different areas. We are doctors, midwives, anthropologists, philosophers, gardeners and lawyers, Social workers, artists and therapists.

Tea samples from the herb garden
Tea samples from the herb garden

What we're going to do


  • Offer a medicinal herb garden and meeting place in Berlin, for empowerment and creative workshops
  • Build a crowdfunding campaign / An online alternative pharmacy for women: aloe vera gel, teas, creams, oils, etc.
  • An educational exchange between Jinwar and Berlin: female anatomy, disease and healing

Medicine and gynaecology

Based on the science of women, Jineoloji (from the Kurdish: Jin: woman, loji: science), the aim of the project is to record, preserve and pass on old knowledge, mostly handed down orally to women over generations of women, in the fields of medicine and gynaecology.
This is mostly forgotten and by social structures to forgotten forced knowledge.

Women`s village in Jinwar
Women`s village in Jinwar

Empowerment and knowledge transfer

Especially through the work for and with refugee women at
Flamingo e.V., the desire to learn and offer other cultural and alternative forms of dealing with experiences of violence and trauma has become ever greater. We want to create a new place for meeting and political exchange in which knowledge of old healing methods can be reactivated.


Jinwar in Rojava inspired us to set up a partner project in Berlin. On the one hand because there is no access to alternative healing methods for women here, on the other hand because we want to show solidarity with the women in Rojava and build a sustainable project together.

Old, forgotten knowledge of our female ancestors and above all of the high culture of women's history and their natural way of life in Rojava are to be collected, recorded and passed on to future generations.

Through regular Skype meetings, delegation trips and a joint website, the project is also visible and open to other interested parties.

Hevrin Khalaf garden in october 2019
Hevrin Khalaf garden in october 2019

Hevrin Khalaf Garden - Berlin

In addition to the management of the medicinal herb garden, we want to create a place where political exchange, creative workshops and advanced training on women's science, as well as alternative healing methods can take place. It should become a place for participation and self-empowerment, away from stigmatisation and female victimisation.

Participatory training on alternative healing methods for chronic and other illnesses such as:

  • Migraine
  • Insomnia
  • Mourning / Trauma

and other disorders out of natural balance will be part of our offer for interested girls and women. The practical implementation and preparation of ointments, medicine, oils and teas can also be learnt by experts in workshops.

The main team consists of women, but it should be a place for everyone! Following in the footsteps of Jinwar, everyone in Berlin is welcome to get involved in the garden or visit us.



From autumn 2019

Garden construction and planning

Business plan and networking

Video and communication for crowdfunding campaign


From spring 2020

Gardening and action days

Garden management and creative / artistic workshops

Beginning of the cultivation of teas

Crowdfunding Campaign


From summer 2020

First prototypes for teas

Structure of the medicinal herb garden

Implementation of expert lectures

Establishment of an online pharmacy - website - distribution network

In October 2019 we moved to a plot of land of approx. 500m2 on the Jacobi cemetery at Hermannstrasse in Neukölln, next to the Prinzessinnengärten.
In October 2019 we moved to a plot of land of approx. 500m2 on the Jacobi cemetery at Hermannstrasse in Neukölln, next to the Prinzessinnengärten.

Delegation trip to Rojava in May 2018

Solidarity network with women* in Rojava

The solidarity delegation, to which also one of our association members belonged, met above all the Kurdish women* movement around the organisation of Kongreya Star.
The delegation was given a warm welcome and was accompanied by Kongreya Star during the stay in Northern Syria from 02.05.2018 to 11.05.2018.

The organization exists since approx. 2005, at that time under the name "yekedia Star" and has grown strongly every year. The women* try to fight together for a social position and participation and thus to change the awareness of the men in the region to women* rights. There are more than 1000 members of different ethnic groups. The delegation met with Yezidi, Arab and Kurdish women* from Kongreya Star.

The work of the women* of Kongreya Star is a very diverse networking of women* in different committees. These are divided into committees of politics, diplomacy, economy, press, society, justice, art and culture, health, defence and communal affairs. In the committee of diplomacy and health, the delegation and the members of the committee were made aware of the need to overcome traumas and violence through an open exchange and to draw strength for political work.

The current wish and goal of the discussions with the delegation is above all to create a European public discourse for the situation of women* and children after the attack, the war contrary to international law and the occupation of Afrin. On the other hand, it was a concern to understand and "experience" the real grassroots democratic organization of women* of Kongreya Star - that there is indeed a great improvement of women* and human rights in the confederal system.

The women* come together in different cities where they exchange ideas. The delegation was in Quamisli, Derik, Konbane, Sheba, and Amude, where they met the local associations of Kongreya Star.

Flamingo e.V. wants to show solidarity with the organization of Kongreya Star and its campaign "#WomenRiseUpForAfrin".

"The campaign 'Women rise up for Afrin' will continue until the occupation by Turkey ends and the people can return", announced the spokeswoman of the Kongreya Star, Evin Siwêd, in a report to the news agency ANHA. The campaign was initiated by the Kurdish women's movement on 8 February this year with the aim of supporting the resistance in Efrîn. As part of the "Women rise up for Afrin" campaign, various women's meetings, actions and seminars have been held in Northern Syria.mThe campaign attracted attention far beyond the borders of Northern Syria. Delegations including doctors, lawyers and activists from France, England, Germany and Argentina came to Northern Syria as part of the campaign and visited, among other places, the women's village of Jinwar and the two camps of the refugees from Efrin in Şehba".

NGOs and state aid organizations refuse their support because the democratic self-administration is not recognized as a state, even regardless of the fact that the fugitives from Afrin are still endangered by evictions and attacks from Turkey.

Besides the urgent financial support for the construction of a hospital for women* and children, generators are needed for the networking and organisation meetings. There is almost no electricity in the whole region. Above all, functioning electricity is indispensable in the rooms in which injured women* and children are accommodated.

The aim of the networking meetings on site and the information about the current situation in Germany is to make the network of supporters* bigger and bigger. The exchange with women* on site through delegation trips is just as important as individual solidarity manifestations and events in Germany.



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