Training & Qualification

for Refugee Women*

Federal Volunteer Service

At Flamingo e.V. we have two federal volunteer service places for refugees in cooperation with the Naturschutz Foundation.


In the period of 6 to 18 months of the volunteer service the women* can get involved in our association, our network and our existing projects:


  • Free counseling on matters of social and residential issues to all single refugee women* and their children and unaccompanied Minors, irrespective of their origin and residence status. This project is realised in close collaboration with the legal advisor Monika Hermann - lawyer and deputy member of the “Härtefallkommission” in the Berlin Refugee Council
  • The Safe Nest project, in collaboration with the Amali-Foundation, provides eight places for pregnant women or mothers with infants. In addition to a safe place to live during the first period of motherhood, the residents are fully cared for and accompanied.


During the Federal Voluntary Service the refugee women* receive 200€ per month in addition to the regular welfare money as well as the financing of German courses. It is the aim of Flamingo e.V. to transfer the women* from the Voluntary Service into permanent jobs in our association.

Training and qualification

For the further qualification of women* we cooperate with glokal e.V. and their training program "Welcome without paternalism".


Two refugee women* from Flamingo e.V. startet the training in October 2016 and they will complete it in June 2017. Both are already experienced in political education work and will soon be able to provide sensitivity training for white supporters as well as empowerment workshops for refugees.


We are already in touch with further associations and foundations to provide the refugee women* with further training opportunities in other fields of action. It is, inter alia, our aim to set up a Peer-to-Peer Counseling in our rooms.

Empowerment - Self-Organization - Peer2Peer

A big, very important and often very stressful issue for women* who have fled is family reunification, as children often had to be left behind in their country of origin. Short training courses in asylum and social law and empowerment workshops aim to empower a group of refugee women* to understand the context of the asylum procedure and family reunification and gain access to their rights through access to knowledge. This should at least reduce their sense of powerlessness, being at the mercy of others and dependence on supporters and advocates and, at best, enable family reunification. The women* who have completed the training can then support other women* and pass on their knowledge.


For this purpose, workshops of experts are held every two weeks from March to May 2018 within the framework of the project "Empowerment in Asylum Process - Organize Familiy Reunion" (in cooperation with the Foundation Umverteilen!).