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Renaming of the medicinal herb garden in

"Hevrin Khalaf"

In memory of our friend, our role model and our comrade, who was murdered in Rojava on the 12.10.19 during the current war, we have renamed the medicinal herb garden.
From now on the name is: "Hevrin Khalaf"

Yesterday, on 19.10.19 the preparations of our herb garden were finished and we opened with a photo exhibition. The medicinal herb garden is a partner project with the women's village Jinwar in Rojava. In the spring of 2020, we want to start with the cultivation of medicinal herbs according to old recipes from the Rojava region. These have usually been passed on orally through generations of women* to women* and are part of alternative healing methods.

The property is located on the Jacobi cemetery in Berlin-Neukölln and has an area of approximately 500m2. In addition to the cultivation and management of medicinal herbs there is space for meetings, for political exchange, creative work and knowledge transfer between Jinwar and Berlin.

We would like to thank all supporters and interested parties who were present during the preparations of the new garden and yesterday at the opening of the exhibition!

After we planted our first two hibiscus bushes together, there was a live broadcast with the mother of the fallen Hevrin Khalaf. We are shocked, touched, and even more determined to continue to hold together our utopia of a free society.

We join all women's movements around the world and want to express our sincere solidarity with our brave sisters and comrades in Rojava.


- Flamingo e.V. -

More information about the project here

October 2019

Telegram Info Channel RiseUp4Rojava

Under this link you can enter on your smartphone the Telegram group "All together against fascism - # riseup4rojava". In this group actions against the Turkish war of aggression on northern Syria will be announced within the next days and weeks:


October 2019

Turkey attacks Rojava

Information from our project partners in JINWAR

Dear friends of JINWAR,

we, the women and children from the free women’s village JINWAR in Northern Syria, write this letter to you, who were in contact with us or had the oportunity visit us. During your time here you could get to know us, our village, and our daily life. You could see what we have built up: the houses made of clay, in which we live together, the school, the healing center for natural medicine which is supposed to be opened soon, our bakery, the garden, the fields, all the trees, which grow bigger and bigger and all of all our common life, far away from oppression and violence, based upon our will to live together as free women and children.


October 2019

Soli-Campaign für kurdish red cross

If you want to support the people in Rojava you can donate, either to the Flamingo banc account


Flamingo e.V. , DE45 43060967 1179019100, GLS Bank, reference "Rojava"


or directly via the website buonacausa

August 2019

Invitation to our neighborhood party

21.09. 12-17h at FLamingo e.V.

- with children's program
- Free flea market with cloths and toys for babies and children
- coffee and cake


We are looking forward to seeing you!


at Stuttgarter Str. 61, 12059 Berlin Neukölln

August 2019

Invitation to the network meeting of the project

womens medicinal herb garden Mala Jîn

14.08. 16:30h at Flamingo e.V.

The project Mala Jîn von Flamingo e.V. - Network for Fugitive Women and Children - is in close and regular exchange with the local women. It should be a cooperation project between Mala Jîn Berlin and Jinwar, the women's village in Rojava. On both sides, the medicinal herb garden is the focal point.... read more

July 2019

New consultation hours in free legal advice

Advice on asylum and residence with Refugee Law Clinic counselors takes place every Tuesday morning between 10 and 12 o'clock only with appointment... read more

June 2019

Invitation Womens delegation from Derik (Rojava) visiting Flamingo e.V. On 17.06.2019 at 16 o'clock

At Stuttgarter Strasse 61 in Neukölln

The focus of the meeting will be the topic "Alternative Health System".

The partner project " Women`s medicinal herb garden Mala Jîn" of Flamingo and the women's village Jinwar in Rojava will be discussed.

All interested people are invited to join! We are very much looking forward to your visit!


More information about the project here

June 2019

Project Launch

Collective Active

The project, which will initially run for 10 months (June 2019 to January 2020), will support small informal groups in order to achieve their goals of supporting refugee women* as quickly and easily as possible... read more

August 2018

Assembly: Health Care Network for Rojava - 23.09.2018

Flamingo and the health care network team would like to invite you to the third assembly on September 23rd at 12am in the room of Flamingo e.V.

For those of you, who do not know the Health-Care Network yet: We came together as a network not too long ago, to come up with possibilities to support the health care structures in Rojava. Currently we are working on two concrete projects. One is a brochure, explaining the ideological as well as the practical background of the new health care system. Second is a donation campaign, in order to raise money for a new hospital in Sehbar. The newly implemented system in Rojava is a paragon, from which we can learn from and that we want to support.


During the assembly, we would like to give you an update on what has been going on since the last meeting. We would also like to discuss with all of you the future work.

Within our network, we have people with and without a medical background, as well as the team of “Solidarity Network with women in Rojava” from Flamingo e.v., which stands especially in solidarity with women in Rojava and is working on supporting them from a political feminist perspective.

Everyone who is interested, is welcome to join.


The assembly will take place on September 23 at 12am at Flamingo e.V. The address is Stuttgarter Straße 61, in Berlin- Neukölln.


If you have any questions, please feel free, to contact us anytime at mail(at)flamingo-berlin.org

Hope to see you there. Your team from the Health Care Network